Scrapbooks Made 4 U



What are you doing with yours?

Floating in Face book Lost in the Cloud Trapped on a SD Card, CD or jump drive.

No Time for Scrappin’ Let me make it happen!



Hello! My name is Teresa and I live in the Midwest with my husband David.  I have been a Close to My Heart consultant for over 19 years. As a stay at home mom of two young boys all those years ago, I just wanted a night out with the girls, and hoped I might be able to pay for my scrapbooking habit. Well it has done that and so much more. I am proud to work for a company with top of the line products and now I am excited to offer a new service with by business and that is Scrapbooks made 4 U.

Scrapbooks made 4 U is a service where I take your pictures and comments and turn them into precious memories that can be shared throughout the years.  


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